Above all else.... music has always been the most serious part of my life and never less than an obsessive passion.

"Progasaurus" started in 2006 when I made the decision to create a project that's soul was strictly musical.

I had the great fortune to meet legendary guitarist Allan Holdsworth through my good friend John Szatai. At the time I was working on the song "KANINES". I had specifically written the solo section of the song with Allans' playing in mind and after he heard the song, he agreed to work with me on it and create a solo for it. It is an incredible solo, and one that opened many windows of creativity and doors of opportunity .
The music I have recorded since then was magnified so greatly by the unearthly talents of Brett Garsed, Derek Sherinian, Virgil Donati, Brian Tichy and of course Allan Holdsworth and I will always be thankful and in awe of these people I now call friends.

My journey in music started at age 7. I toured the country with a boys choir and learned to sight sing by age 10. My choir master, Edwardo Caso, would issue a whipping to us if we sang a passage incorrectly. It was an exercise in discipline but a great experience in music and touring. I continued singing and traveling with the Brault Opera guild to age 17 and went on to be an applied voice major at the University of Arizona.

Record and production deals, a non-voluntary tour of Southeast Asia, and many years of touring, playing small venues, recording, writing and supplementing my income by pounding nails were what followed.
I am constantly amazed that someone on the other side of the planet (or next door) will make an effort to acquire my music, take it home, listen to it, and.... hopefully.... enjoy it.

My life is about being able to express what I hear in my head and put it to bass and voice! I am a dedicated and disciplined practice animal. I would need another lifetime to become the player I envision, but, I am happy to woodshed daily, fit in what progress is allowed me, and continue to create new ....music.